What to Expect


We would love for you to join us on a Sunday morning as we gather together as a church family to worship God. Here is a quick summary of what you can expect at our Sunday morning services:  


We gather every Sunday morning at 10:45am for corporate worship. Our services last for about 75 minutes. We sing songs of praise to God, read from Scripture together, pray, recite historic Creeds, give tithes and offerings for the work of gospel ministry, and hear a message preached from God's Word.

The preaching of God's Word is central to our meeting together. In 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Paul reminds Timothy that every word of Scripture has been breathed out by God and is profitibale for making God's people mature, equipped for every good work. He then, in the very next verse, charges him to preach the Word. Most of our preaching consists of taking a book of the Bible and working through it section by section.


Singing is also a vital part of worship, for through it we encourage and admonish one another as we sing with thankfulness in our hearts to God. We believe that the church has a rich tradition of writing songs worthy of our attention, from songs written hundreds of years ago to new songs being written in the present. We want to sing songs that are biblically faithful, God-centered, gospel-saturated, easy for all to sing, and that have language and melodies that facilitate singing with all our hearts. Our singing is congregational, which encourages the full and active participation of all present.


God's Word tells us that God examines the heart of a man, not his outer appearance. While we want to avoid apparel that is immodest or distracting in any way, we want to encourage all to come as they are. On a typical Sunday some members wear a shirt and tie while others wear jeans and flip flops.